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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

After making the first payment within 5 days you will have to transfer us textual and graphical information for website filling in the volume not exceeding 12500 symbols (approximately 7 standard A4 pages) in DOC/PDF formats and no more than 10 images (photos) in JPG/JPEG/GIF/PNG formats.

If you have ordered a website with production catalogue, we can in addition fill your catalogue with information in the volume nit exceeding 10000 symbols (approximately 6 standard A4 pages) in DOC/PDF formats and no more than 20 images (photos) in JPG/JPEG/GIF/PNG formats.

Do not forget to give contact details in the textual information to be published on the website, as well as electronic mail address of the website admin, to which messages will arrive sent through the form of feedback.

Besides, we will need the logotype of your company in vector format CDR (CorelDRAW®) or AI (Adobe© Illustrator©). Logo in raster format JPG/JPEG/GIF/PNG is allowed, still, here you need to remember that the final logo image on the website may be insufficiently qualitative.

Pay attention!

Please, keep in mind that in case if you will not provide the required information within 5 days from the moment of payment, our experts will fill the website by themselves with special test information, which you will be able to change by yourself after website launch through the control system. Meanwhile filling of the website with test information will be considered as executed work regarding website filling.

What will I finally get when the website development will be completed?

After the website development project will be completed you'll receive a completely filled-in website filled with information, which is stably working on the hosting chosen by you.

You will receive a set with the following components:

  1. All website files, including a full copy of database;
  2. All source files of selected design, including PSD-prototypes in Adobe© Photoshop© format and imposed patterns in HTML;
  3. Information about connection to the content management system (login, password);
  4. User’s manual on work with content management system;
  5. Installation and adjustment of the website by our experts on the hosting selected by you.

All the abovementioned data will be available to you for downloading through our website within 1 month after reception of payment in full.

If you wish you can receive also all data on a separate physical medium - DVD disk. In this case postage connected with DVD disk delivery to your address, are paid up separately.

What changes will be made in the design chosen by me?

Our experts will make the following changes in the design:

  1. They will put your logotype on the website;
  2. They will replace some photos if there will be such an opportunity in the selected design - to do this pass your photos to us and inform, in which place of the website you would like to arrange them.

Is it possible to add supplementary functionality to the basic package?

Surely, it is! You can easily choose practically any functional modules from the wide list on our website. While ordering the website look through all alternatives in the section “Supplementary functionality” and simply mark what you really need.

What to do if “excess” information blocks are shown in the selected design?

It is absolutely normal, because it is impossible to always predict what information exactly you will want to put on your website. Our experts will carefully analyze your order before project commencement and, if necessary, will correctly redline the website design so that your website would not have “excess” information blocks, as well as will add all modules from supplementary functionality, taking into account the style of your design.

Pay attention!

Please, keep in mind that if your selected design has any elements of supplementary functionality, which you did not specially order through the order form on the main page of our website, these elements will be cut off on the ready website.

For instance, you order the website without additional module “Search on the website”, but such an element is present in the design selected by you. In this case our experts will program the website in accordance with your order, i.e. without module “Search on the website”.

What guarantees are given for the finished website?

We guarantee perfect work of the website for 2 years if the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • Source code of software (content management system and all program modules) was not changed;
  • The website is exploited on the server with recommended software.

In case of errors connected with wrong work of our software, upon your request, we will free-of-charge restore the website functionality within the shortest terms using our own backup copy prepared at the moment of website launch or using your backup copy created by you in subsequent time.

Pay attention!

We extremely recommend regularly creating backup copies of the website and saving them separately from the main server in order to avoid loss of your valuable information when contingency occurs relating the server.

What exact system is used for website control?

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