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Website with production catalogue

The website – presentation or small information resource. Here one can place fresh news, information about the company, offers and contact information. The section “production/services catalogue” allows storing information about goods and services with expanded description and illustrations.

In which case should I better choose the website with production catalogue?

  • Do you want to present the production catalogue with photos and detailed description of each product to the visitors of your website?
  • Do you already have your own website with production catalogue, but still, it is high time to update the image of your website?

If you have answered positively, at least, to one of the questions above, in this case your choice will be the website with production catalogue.

What is the structure of the website with the production catalogue?

The website consists of 5 main sections::

  1. Main page;
  2. Information about the company;
  3. .Catalogue of production or services, including the following opportunities:
    1. Distribution of the goods or services in basic categories
    2. Adding of a short and full description
    3. Uploading of up to 5 photos for each article or service
  4. News;
  5. Contact information.

You can always easily change the names of the sections through the content management system. Besides, you will be able to create so many sections you will need.

What program parts does the website with production catalogue consist of?

The website – presentation consists of the following program modules:

  1. Content management system (CMS);
  2. Production catalogue control mode;
  3. News (news feed);
  4. Form of feedback in contacts.

Are there any more questions? See the section “Frequently asked questions”.


  • For reception of full-grown website with moderate budget
  • For opening of one’s own website and starting sales
  • For quick and easy making of your website for promotion of a separate product or service
  • For reception of a new website with modern technical opportunities

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